Our INSIST researchers Praneeta Konduri and Nerea Arrarte took part in the Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences program organized by the Graduate school of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers in collaboration with ACE incubator, on October 27th and November 10th 2021 at the AMC in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Many of the INSIST researchers presented at the ESBiomech_2021, (for a list, follow this link)

The lecture on modelling stroke and stroke treatment by Prof.Hoekstra and Prof Majoie, can be watched here.


Video INSIST Booth ESO-WSO Nov 2020!

We made a video explaining INSIST work for the VirtualBooth at ESO-WSO Nov 2020, watch it here!


INSIST Lecture series

In 2021 we organized a lecture series where all important subjects in INSIST were tackled by our leading PI's, you can find all the lectures in the submenu (or follow this link)


ICSS 2021

June 2021, the some INSIST speakers presented their work at the ICCS (check here)

SMB 2021

Tuesday June 15th 2021, Claire Miller presented her work at the SMB (Society of Mathematical Biology) minisymposia (check here)


April 6th 2021 Francesco Migliavacca from POLIMI gave an invited lecture (follow this link)


INSIST work has already presented at various (inter)national congresses, check the list here

How to acknowledge INSIST?

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Radiological imaging

Statistical approaches

Modelling and Simulation

Experimental techniques

  • Ed van Bavel (Amsterdam University medical centers) - On working in a real lab, with animals, ethical guidelines, etc INSIST Lecture series- Ed 18-05-2021
  • Simon de Meyer (Catholic University of Leuven) - on microscopic techniques, using fluorescent probes etc, with applications to clot composition and structure 01-06-2021 Not on youtube yet (recent data)

Translation to the clinic and medical industry

Praneeta Kondura presented the INSIST project at the 4th European Stroke Organisation Conference in Gotenborg, Sweden.

Her poster can be downloaded here

When you are interested to learn more about INSIST in a handsome flyer format, you can download our flyer here. (To be printed double-sided and folded in three)