INSIST Clinical Focus Group Discussions at INSIST All hands workshop Milan – a Whitepaper


In silico clinical trials hold the promise to use computational modelling of disease and its treatment to support the evaluation and introduction of new drugs and medical devices. The INSIST (In silico clinical trials for treatment of ischemic stroke) project aims to develop an in silico platform for the simulation and evaluation of novel treatments for acute ischemic stroke. INSIST comprises the generation of virtual patient populations, the in silico modeling of brain tissue death due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients following a stroke, thrombosis and thrombolysis, and thrombectomy. The combination allows in silico simulation of (pre-) clinical trials. The INSIST project organizes Focus Group Discussions involving specific stakeholders and contributors. In April 2019 Clinical Focus Group Discussions were organized to inform interested clinicians and to obtain their feedback on the concept, current state of the art, and intended further development of the INSIST project. In short, the concept of in silico stroke trials was considered promising, especially the thrombectomy modeling was regarded valuable. The modeling of tissue death and its effect on clinical outcome was considered the most complex and risky.

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