Webinar Luca Emili from InSilicoTrials Technologies Dec 12th on how modeling & simulation combined with a changing regulation can accelerate the development and approval of new drugs and medical devices.

There will be a presentation of WP5 work at a mini-symposium of INSIST at the third ESM-EVBO conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands (April 15th-18th 2019) 

One of our partners in the consortium, UvA, is part of the CompBioMed project, which has worked with others on generating a beautiful movie on "The virtual Human".

The INSIST consortium started earlier than expected in November 2017. In February 2018 we had the official kick-off meeting where all the partners were represented. Before discussing all the science in the work packages we decided to start with a mini-symposium, giving a Basic Overview of Acute Ischemic Stroke discussing the current state of art and an overview of the running trials.