On February 12th 2019, a WP3/6 meeting was organized in Brussels.

On January 31st-February 1st 2019, a WP4 (2/6) meeting was organized in Amsterdam.

May 2018, Our partner Cerenovous hosted a meeting  in Galway, Ireland  to discuss the work on the INSIST project.

Webinar Luca Emili from InSilicoTrials Technologies Dec 12th 2018 on how modeling & simulation combined with a changing regulation can accelerate the development and approval of new drugs and medical devices.

INSIST postdoctoral fellow at Oxford Wahbi El-Bouri wrote an article a month ago for the Brain Awareness Week in Oxford. The Brain awareness week is an annual global initiative designed to raise awareness among the public about brain-related research and the impact that neuroscientists are having on the world. Read the article here