On February 12th 2019, a WP3/6 meeting was organized in Brussels.


Karim Zouaoui (ULB), Bastien Chopard (UNIGE), Remy Petkantchin (UNIGE), Franck Raynaud (UNIGE), Sharon Duffy (Cerenovus), Alfons Hoekstra (UvA), Mikhail Panteleev (LMSU), Alexey Shibeko (LMSU), Simon de Meyer (KUL), Senna Staessen (KUL).

There was a presentation by Franck Raynaud (UNIGE) about the preliminary 3D model with flow conditions, according to a injection protocol of type "bolus" and a presentation by Mikhail Panteleev (LMSU) on the 1D lysis model based onpartial differential equations. Sharon Duffy (Cerenovus) talked about the in-vitro experimentsperformed at Cerenovus and Karim Zouaoui (ULB) iscussed the proposed experimental setup that he could build to observe the dynamics of clotting and lysis withdifferent clot compositions. Senna Staessen (KUL) presentd the analysis done at KUL about the histology of 177patient clots.