April 7 and 8 2022, we had the final all-hands meeting of INSIST, in the Doelenzaal in the center of Amsterdam. We were very happy to have almost everybody there in person, so we could end the project the way it began. Those people that were too far away or for other reasons not able to travel joined us online.

We had a bit of a 'false start' as there are two locations "Doelenzaal" in Amsterdam, but luckily enough, close together, so not too much of a delay ;-)

All WPs presented their final results and upcoming deliverables and it has to be concluded that although we did not manage all of the ambitious plans we set out for, a really admirable amount of work has been done and amazing results achieved and the overall conclusion was that werealy need to try and find funding to continue this work in some way.

Henk Marquering travelled especially from a venture challenge in Wageningen to discuss exactly that; valorization of INSIST. Together with Praneeta Konuri and Nerea Arrarte he received a "steam-course" in valorization, entrepeneurship and pitching and he asked all partners to dicuss and indicate their interest in participating.

Afterwards the consortium joined for their "last meal" together and the next day was spent in the AMC with ample time for discussion, but even more so, for generating video's from collaborating WPs to be used in dissemination after INSIST. This was done very professionally in the studio at the AMC and we hope to have the results online soon.